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If your child has a combined hearing and vision loss, there are resources available to give you important information and support to help your child communicate, access people and the environment, play and grow.

The Minnesota DeafBlind Project has unique support. Deanna Rothbauer is a parent of a young adult who has combined hearing and vision loss (deafblindness). Right away, when you contact the Minnesota DeafBlind Project, you’ll connect with another parent who has walked a similar path. In addition, the education specialist has taught a wide range of students with combined hearing and vision loss, including those who are in the general education setting.

The challenges are unique, so feel free to reach out to us and learn what communication and education options might be available. We are not an advocacy organization, but we have a lot of information, skills, experiences and resources to share.

Listed below are resources at the state and national levels that you might find helpful.

Resources Related to Syndromes that Cause Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

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