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Welcome to Families from the Minnesota DeafBlind Project

The Minnesota DeafBlind Project believes in the importance of families learning all they can about combined hearing and vision loss both in and outside of school.  Many of the children in Minnesota have one or more additional disabilities which may include unique medical support.  We provide information, resources, and training at different levels so that the whole team is equipped to support the child or teen with combined hearing and vision loss.  For children at home and in the community, the Minnesota DeafBlind Project provides targeted support for individual families which includes information, connections and training. We also partner with family organizations as well as state and national organizations and agencies to provide coordinated resources and links for families within their regions and communities.

You are welcome to connect about:

  • Family activities
    • Mom’s Weekend
    • Annual Family Picnic and Intervener Appreciation Day
    • Swimming Event
    • Winter Party and Bake Off
    • Bowling
    • Children’s Theatre Opportunities
  • Training on a variety of topics about children who have combined hearing and vision loss
  • Resources and other support groups and organizations in your region
  • Information about special education, family organizations, resources for transition to adulthood, funding options and ideas such as Medicaid waivers, and other needs.
  • Support along the journey by getting connected with other parents of children who have combined hearing and vision loss (deafblindness)
  • Families Matter!

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